Jenny (Hye Jin) Mae was watching her favourite horror sketch show “Blights of Bludnden”.

How had he

The fool

Draw, beast

With pleasure

It was just getting to her favourite scene, where Rhyzer duels The Count, when a comms alert from the facility blinked up on the display, "Ahhhh" she sighed.

Incomming comms
"Accept, code 7253".

Aithur, the facilities overseer, appeared on the screen.

Aithur appears
"Hello Aithur" she said
"Good evening Ms Mae, I trust you are well?" Aithur replied
"I'm fine, hows everything down at the lab?"
Aithur sounded positive "Well, I have some fantastic news for you. Your latest thesis has been approved"

Aithur perspective
"Thats good news" Jenny said, "but you know what we said about the stressors on the pivot sub system, there was never any real consensus, so ..."
"That and a hundred other details"

"Thats why we would very much like your assistance down at the facility" Aithur said. "We think you would be the best person to advise on the real-time details"

Aithur perspective
Jenny stood up, preparing to get ready. She waved a hand at the screen. "I think that would be best also, when should I expect a pick up?"

"We can be with you within the hour..."